Youth Classes

Our goal at Leung Martial Arts is to reinforce harmony and balance in the lives of your children. This is achieved by training in the traditional methods of Chinese Kung Fu.

Age 4-6:

Our youngest set of students can expect a fun experience with games designed to help with building fundamental skills for developing young martial artists. These classes are geared toward motor skill development, discipline, focus, teamwork and more.

Age 7-11:

Our youth class is an exciting environment for your children to have fun while they gain confidence, develop respect, integrity, and learn Kung Fu. In this program, students improve their agility, dexterity, speed, and strength while having fun in the four animal styles: Crane, Snake, Tiger and Dragon.

Age 12-16:

Older students focus on a combination of Shaolin and Wing Chun Kung fu. This intense and challenging program is focused to push each participant in order to achieve their goals and build towards personal success. Your teen will have a great time learning Kung Fu in the traditional methods while creating life long relationships.