Wing Chun Kung Fu: A traditional Chinese boxing style characterized by efficiency in motion, simultaneous attack and defense technique, compact body framing and the development of contact-sensitivity. This style is ideal for those looking to develop practical self defense skills and improve body coordination.
Yang Style Tai Chi: An internal martial art that emphasizes development of strength, balance and body awareness through the practice of traditional body postures. This style is characterized by slow and fluid movements, solid stances and beautiful form.
Qi Gong: Qi Gong is an ancient method of energy training that combines simple stretching sequences with posture holding. The emphasis is on the practitioner’s body alignment and relaxation. Some forms develop physical power and prowess, while others promote health and wellness.
Chen Style Tai Chi (Special Intensive Training): Generally regarded as the oldest form of Tai Chi, Chen style employs spiraling motion to develop relaxed but explosive energy. This class includes training in form, energy and application.

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